Downtown New Rochelle, NY


City of New Rochelle Projects

The City of New Rochelle has required DTS Provident’s Engineering Services for various projects throughout the City to improve operating conditions and safety.

DTS Provident was retained to perform a traffic/geometric safety evaluation at the existing intersections of Beechmont Drive and Pinebrook Road/ Pinebrook Boulevard in the City. DTS Provident worked closely with City representatives and conducted traffic counts, field inspections and a review of the accident data provided by the City. The study location was a series of skewed, unsignalized intersections carrying a relatively high volume of traffic. A high number of accidents had occurred over several years leading up to the study. In order to evaluate the current operating and safety conditions, DTS Provident performed Highway Capacity Analyses and a Traffic Signal Warrant/Accident Study, and then used the results of these studies to determine potential future improvements. Various Alternatives were considered. Potential improvements included signalization, re-alignment and construction of a modern roundabout and evaluations of other traffic calming techniques.

The City hired DTS Provident to review and make recommendations to improve the access to the New Rochelle Intermodal Transportation Center to reduce traffic congestion. Traffic counts were performed and field observations were conducted. Various alternatives were modeled and analyzed. Conceptual plans were prepared. DTS Provident prepared a North Avenue Corridor Study for the City and determined intersection improvements for vehicles and pedestrians along the Corridor. On behalf of the City, DTS Provident reviewed the proposed modifications to Sound Shore Medical Center. Both traffic and parking were considered. Pedestrian safety was also factored in and traffic calming measures were recommended.

In addition to the services provided to the City, DTS Provident has performed various Engineering Services for various private clients in the City including New Roc City, Avalon-on-the-Sound, Monroe College, Iona College, The Craft Building, Echo Bay, The Printhouse, The Lombardi, The Huguenot, Safavieh, Locust Hall, New Rochelle Toyota, Thornton-Donovan School, Royal Day Care, Locust Hall and numerous others. These services included Site/Civil, Highway and Traffic Engineering Services including intersection modifications, site plans, traffic studies, parking studies, traffic signal plans, and maintenance and protection of traffic plans.

DTS Provident, through its engineering expertise, assisted the City of New Rochelle in its ongoing efforts to revitalize the downtown areas by bringing new businesses and residents into the City.

Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.