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Site/Civil Engineering

Engineering services offered by DTS Provident cover the full range of site and civil engineering disciplines. During a project’s feasibility phase, our engineers will review the proposed program, existing site conditions and surrounding infrastructure to help formulate strategies for the provision of essential services and access. Early engineering studies can generally be based on available aerial photographs and topographic mapping to save time and expense, while detailed engineering design will require site-specific surveys.


Our engineers often prepare preliminary site plans for a number of alternative project schemes, which may also include analyses of earthwork cut and fill, utilities, and roadway costs. The preferred alternative can then be further developed in a series of site layout, grading and detail drawings. DTS Provident also provides site utility design and coordination for sanitary, water supply, electric, gas, telephone, cable television, and site lighting systems integrating 2D plans and 3D modeling software. DTS Provident’s engineers and landscape architects work closely together to create stormwater management systems consisting of both vegetated and man-made components providing water quality and quantity treatment in an efficient and sustainable manner. In combination with our integrated erosion and sedimentation control measures, our “low impact development” (LID) site designs help to streamline the review and approval process.

Other engineering services offered by DTS Provident include the preparation of subdivision, site layout and utility coordination plans with full dimensional control, critical for coordination on “tight” sites. DTS Provident engineers will also provide construction phase support to review shop drawings, prepare schedules, conduct site observations, or administer permit compliance.


Consideration of existing and future safety requirements, traveler types, traffic volumes, right-of-way restrictions and budget limitations is key to planning and developing successful road networks. DTS Provident’s certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) have the experience and expertise to prepare designs and obtain permits for all types of roadways, including new subdivision streets, improvements to existing intersections, roundabouts, or access points on an interstate highway. Our firm has the capability to supplement roadway and highway plans with traffic signalization systems, traffic calming measures, and conventional and green drainage infrastructure, as well as pedestrian and bicycle-oriented features meeting current ADA and PROWAG guidelines.


DTS Provident has extensive experience providing municipal, county and state agencies with site/civil and traffic engineering support for public roadway and infrastructure projects. Whether for a Safe Routes to School program, integrated traffic signal controls, water or sewer main design and phasing, hydrologic or hydraulic monitoring, planning of airport runways, or the performance of traffic impact reviews, DTS Provident can provide full design, documentation and project management services or support municipal staff as necessary to achieve agency objectives.

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Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.