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Planning services offered by DTS Provident help to assess the feasibility of a project or to explore alternative land use concepts. Where a particular site has been identified, “due diligence” activities may include examining survey and title, physical features and conditions, and zoning requirements. Where several sites are being considered or sought within a region, broader issues such as available utility infrastructure, site access and visibility, and economic incentives may be compared. Such early planning inquiries can serve to clarify a client’s site-related needs and objectives even before any physical planning or design occurs.

At the parcel level, preliminary site analyses of natural and man-made features are prepared using available CAD mapping and GIS datasets in conjunction with field visits. Bubble diagrams, capacity plans and 3-D visualizations help to test alternative land use strategies or phasing opportunities. These studies may lead to conceptual master plans, which can serve as the basis for economic modeling, initial discussions with governmental officials, or launching a full design effort. Drawing from all our in-house disciplines, we can provide site sustainability analyses and LEED reviews in a coordinating or participating role.

DTS Provident also conducts specialized studies for institutions such as school districts and senior care providers which consider demographics, enrollment trends, and local transportation and support systems in providing information critical to the determination of where to locate new facilities or how to better utilize existing ones.

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Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.