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Environmental Approvals

Environmental review of all land use projects is mandated by local, state and/or federal law. DTS Provident’s planning professionals join with its other disciplines in managing and coordinating the environmental review process for our projects. Working with the client and legal counsel, we plan and administer the process by which the project can be submitted, reviewed, and approved in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

At the inception of a project, we can provide a detailed review of all required permits and the proposed project’s compliance with existing regulations. Prior to the formal submission of an application, we may recommend preliminary contact with agency staff, informal discussions with a municipal board, or early coordination with interested stakeholders. Once a proposal is ready for full public review, our work includes the preparation and coordination of site plan approval applications, zoning petitions, and specialized government permits. We also manage clients’ state and federal environmental quality review (in New York, “SEQR”) processes, including the preparation of environmental assessment forms, scoping outlines, Draft and Final environmental impact statements and finding statements. Our work includes public presentations, interaction with stakeholder groups, and other activities as may required by the approval process.

Through close coordination of other project consultants, municipal boards, agency staff, and the involved public, we seek to develop open lines of communication and a mutually beneficial framework within which the review process can occur and approvals can be achieved.

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Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.