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Traffic Engineering & Analysis

Traffic is a critical consideration for every existing road system or proposed project, as much of the region’s roadway infrastructure is aging and was not planned for today’s vehicles and volumes. The ever-changing landscape of transportation is critical in determining the most cost-effective traffic solutions for a particular project. DTS Provident utilizes state of the art software and technology in our Traffic Engineering Analysis to accurately model and analyze existing and future traffic operating conditions along a corridor, and then to develop alternative designs and operational strategies as integrated components of a proposed development. DTS Provident’s staff is up to date on Local, State and Federal Standards with respect to Roadway and Traffic Signal Design.

Our Traffic Engineering & Analysis capabilities include:

  • Traffic impact studies for land development projects
  • Level-of-Service and traffic operational analyses
  • Traffic simulation modeling
  • Accident analysis
  • Traffic calming studies
  • Traffic signal warrant studies
  • Traffic signal design, timing, operation and modification studies
  • Parking counts and utilization studies
  • Parking demand/variance assessments
  • Parking lot design
  • Transportation management plans
  • Access management studies
  • Internal site traffic circulation planning
  • Construction administration and inspection

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Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.